Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Home for the Holidays

It's that time of year again. Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree has started.

This year, I jumped on board before it started, committing to raise funds for a child needing a family, needing, if not a home, a promise of a home for the holidays. I first picked a little boy I was able to provide the alias for - he went by Corwyn. So you see why I picked him. Within a week, he not only had a family committed to adopting him, they were already traveling to his country to meet him!

So I picked another child to help. Shawna was a cutie in Asia. 2 days later she was 'on hold' followed 3 days later moving to "My family found me". I was overjoyed.

So again, I was going through the children still looking for sponsors on the Angel Tree. I happened upon Christian He is in Eastern Europe, has Down Syndrome and an unspecified heart condition. He is also 4. A mere month older than my own boys.

From his profile, he can walk and feed himself. He can talk a bit. He LOVES music. He is a bit shy and sensitive. He sounds very much like a pair of 4 year old boys I have at home. But he needs a family. He needs someone who can sing him to sleep at night. He needs someone who can play games with him, help him develop his speech. Someone who can teach him to ride a bike. Someone who can help him reach his potential. Someone to say "I love you".

Please share this blog post. Please share Christian's story. As his Angel Tree warrior, I'm committed to raising $1000 for Christian. This can help  his new family bring him home. But more than the money, I would really like to be 3 for 3. I want Christian to find his family before Angel Tree is over. To do that, people need to know he exists. Sharing his page helps!

If you can, please donate. Talk to your friends, families, bowling team, knitting circle, Church group. everyone and see if they can help. The more money in his grant, the easier it will be for a committed family to get him home.

To donate, click on the giant button on my page. It will take you to the Angel Tree. Search for Christian (match the picture to be sure). Click the blue donate button under him. You'll see 2 will be 'buy ornament', this is a 35 donation. It will get you a great Ornament for your tree with Christian's picture on it. $5 of your donation will go to the ornament production and shipping costs. Ornaments can be shipped to anywhere in the world! If you don't want an ornament, click here and donate

Again, even if you can't donate, please share Christian and the other children on the Angel Tree with everyone.

Some of you might remember last year's post . Sweet Serenity met her goal of 1000. Unfortunately, she lives in a country that first banned adoptions from the USA and now from Canada. She will remain in an institution for the rest of her life, what little there is likely left. Her grant was transferred to another child, one that still has hopes of a family. I had input into where it would go and picked Mick

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