Thursday, September 5, 2013

A rough day

I know, I know, I'm really behind on posts. Almost an entire summers worth. They will come. But for now, you get to listen while I unwind and decompress.

Corwyn had day surgery today. Surprised? Yeah me too, and I had almost 2 weeks notice. After a different problem (sore boy bit) took us a to walk in clinic we ended up at a pediatric urologist. See, Corwyn had one testicle that was massive compared to the other. This can happen, or it can be a problem. In his case, it was a problem, an inguinal hernia. He needed surgery as soon as possible.

All surgery comes with risks. But this time, even Google offered hope with no doom and gloom for the surgery type.

Fast forward to today. We had a 12:30 surgery time and were asked to be there at 11am. Not the end of the world, but no food after midnight and no liquids after 9:30 am. Um yeah. So the second my caregiver arrived to watch Nathan, Corwyn and I left.

First stop was my office. Good place to waste a bit of time. He played Foosball, some Lego, games on my phone and Ipad. He drank almost none of the apple juice he was allowed. Then off to the hospital.

We were a bit early, so we played a bit then off to the gift shop. He picked out the biggest stuffed snake every. Like I was going to say no!

Registration went fast and we went into room 1. We met our nurse. I wish I remembered her name. She was AMAZING. She did the vitals, answered his questions (let him play with the levers on the bed). She put the cream on his hands to numb them for the IV. They had a first Then in only undies and shoes (he refused the gowns) it was out to the play area.

She brought me some Tylenol to help him relax. I had already explained the struggles to get him to take anything. So she saw first hand. He didn't just spit it out, he kept his mouth open and drooled any in his mouth out. They decided to give him some Tylenol rectally when under and Advil via IV.

By now we had only an hour to wait. Or did we.

Corwyn was actually amazing. He had no food, was in a strange place, had used odd equipment (blood pressure cuff, etc) and he was taking it in stride. He played with every toy, several times. He watched the TV (it was on mute). He sat on my lap, he sat on the floor. He cuddled his monkey and his giant snake. He was getting bored. But he wasn't noticing what I was. Everyone else who was there when we arrived were still waiting too. Sigh.

One family was sent home. Their surgeon (different from hours) had a complicated 1st surgery of the day, putting them almost 2 hours behind. Then another family went in, and I heard that they were the same Dr as ours. Since it was already past time for us, I asked what time they had. 11:15. It was 12:45. Sigh. So we waited some more.

Around 2, he had enough. He wanted to go home. I had to carry him (standing up). That worked for a bit. Then he was struggling to leave. They tried bubbles. Nope. Stickers. Nope. Computer. Nope. Wiggles. Nope. Nothing but lots of crying "I want to go home now!" Nothing worked. I got hit more than once. I felt so bad. They understood, along with the fasting the extra almost 2 hours wait had did him in.

Finally, it was our turn at 2:20. Given his struggles and refusal to be distracted they opted to put him under via mask instead of the IV. I had to help get him and hold him on the table. But it worked fast. Almost as fast as I got out of there, tears in my eyes.

While waiting, I ate. At least I think I did. I don't remember eating. I remember getting the food and coming back to wait, and then throwing the garbage, but not sure what I ate or if I liked it. (I hadn't eaten either, since I wouldn't eat in front of him).

Finally, it felt forever, but was around 30-40 minutes they came to get me. He woke up, exactly how he went under, crying and fussing. Along with Tylenol and Advil, he had morphine. He was still crying and anxious. In there, rubbing his back through the bars, listening to the beep of the monitor, singing softly to him, I couldn't help but be transported back to seeing him in the NICU all wired up, unable to help him then either.

Eventually, they moved him back to day surgery recovery area. Here was our favorite nurse again. He even fell asleep for a while.

 He seemed a bit better when he got up. He took a sip of apple juice and had 1/8 of a Popsicle, but was sitting up and wanting to get dressed and go. He got all excited at the wheelchair that we could use to leave. He got dressed. He picked out a sticker for him and one for Nathan. They removed his IV with no issues. Then he puked all over himself and the wheelchair.

Back in the bed. With the IV out, no gravol. We tried this other one that just melts under the tongue but he clamped his mouth shut. Then he got sick again.

Eventually we left. Being the enigma he is, he insisted on wheeling his own wheelchair. They didn't think he'd have the strength, but he did.

He got sick again in the cab on the way home. Luckily,  he told me, and I had the bowl and towel ready.

Once home, he sat a bit then wanted more food. Apple juice and apple sauce. 20 minutes later, in the bowl and all over him.

Finally, he wanted a yogurt. He was 'allowed' dairy by now based on his surgery time, but only if he could keep clear fluids down. He was insistent, and got his own. He had a drinkable one, that I let him sip and wait and sip and wait. Then he ate 2 baby mum-mums. Then 2 bowls of dry Cheerios. So far so good.

8:30 was Tylenol time (11:30 will be Advil). Into the apple juice. Guess it ruined the flavor too much. He gave it back. Tylenol in liquid yogurt was a hit though.

The next hurdle was when they peed before bed. Both saw the incision area. Both freaked a bit. Corwyn started crying, saying it hurt. But got his undies back on and I got him into bed. They wanted extra stories, so I made some new ones up. Eventually, both dozed off.

He is due for Advil at 11:30. Not sure if I will wake him or not. I'll hide some in a yogurt, just in case, or the morning, whatever comes first.

We have some healing to do, different stages to return to activity. But I'm so glad this day is over!

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K J and the kids said...

:( Poor boy. That's terrible that he won't take his meds.
I've decided it's when my kids NEED the medicine that they don't take it. (sigh)
Sorry he had to wait so long. That is so hard for a little man.

Glad he is doing a bit better. Here's hoping for a fast recovery.