Thursday, September 20, 2012

Halloween Costume Review - Plus Size Costumes Super Center

So my post includes "Halloween" in the title because it's rapidly approaching and when most people think of costumes, it's around this time. Me, I love costumes and dressing up and think there should be more reasons to do it (without getting arrested). And in fact, for many months of the year, there are themed days that lend themselves to at least some aspect of a costume (Christmas, Easter, Talk like a Pirate day).

When I was given a chance to review a costume I broke with my norm and actually picked something for myself. While I could have picked another site, I chose In general, I'm not plus size but I am larger. I have been frustrated buying an adult Women's costume in size large only to find that parts or all of it doesn't fit, or having to squeeze the extra flap of tummy skin from having twins into something never meant for anyone who's had kids, or even hit puberty.

I was really excited when I started checking out Plus Size Costume Super Centre. They  have fabulous costumes to fit real women. And they are not just 'tents' or those meant to hide a larger size, these are the same costumes you find in the non-plus sized section and then some. They range from sexy, to flirty and playful to just plain fun.

One of things I really liked when browsing the costumes was that each contains a comment about what sizes they fit. As with those not plus sized, people within the plus size category, vary. There are one-size type costumes that range from 16-24 or 18-22, among others. Some more form fitting have multiple sizes like 16-18, 18-20, 1x-4x.

The costumes are organized by theme like 60's, Angel, Superhero, Pirate and even couples. Yes, that's right, they have not forgotten about the men here. Want to go with your mate as Popeye and Olive Oyl or matching "greasers"? This is your one stop shop for costumes.

Along with the costumes they include links to accessories that can complete the costume.

With all that, I had a hard time picking a costume. In the end, I settled on a 50's Poodle Skirt Set. I've always wanted a poodle skirt!!!

When the package arrived, I knew before I opened it that this wasn't a flimsy department store costume, this was the real thing. And on opening it, I was not disappointed.

The outfit included a Poodle Skirt (Yeah!!) in an very, very thick black felt with an adorable poodle in pink rhinestones, a pink satin jacket and a wonderful pink and black top. All of it is really comfortable and well made. The zipper in the jacket can handle even preschoolers pulling it up and down for me. And I love the top. I might wear it and the jacket, on their own, as regular wear. And I think both would look great paired with jeans to extend the costume.

The costume fit and although on the loose side as expected, I could dance all night without worrying about it falling off. The skirt was also a bit long on me, but I was able to just pull it higher than my waist and it still looked great. I couldn't help myself, after I put it on I found myself dancing around singing 'Hopelessly Devoted to You'.

Halloween is quickly approaching and here is a chance for you to get a great costume at a great price.
Check them out at the link above or on Facebook at

And if you're like me, don't forget all the other dress up days, a bunny for Easter, Elfs or Santas at Christmas and of course you can't miss out Talk Like a Pirate Day next year! Whatever the occasion, you'll find a costume here.

Disclaimer: The costume was provided to me free for the review. The pictures and opinions are all mine.

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