Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not his finest moment

Sometimes Corwyn has a hard time controlling himself what he wants when he's tired. He wanted me to read a book (for the 6th time) but would cover his ears if I did. If I didnt read it, he would shove it at me, push me or scream. If I did read, he would scream to stop. You'll notice some laughing in with the cries. Nathan was laughing hysterically at one point. Nathan then went to sleep about half way through the total episode (which lasted about 30 minutes-this is just a taste). He finally calmed down enough and we read the story one more time and he went into to bed and fell asleep shortly after.  

Once worked up, Corwyn has a very hard time calming down. The less he can control of his own emotions, the more he wants to control/direct other people. And he doesn't really want the end results, he just wants you to do what he is asking, to feel in control of something. Another "favorite" during one of these times is "mommy go there" with a point and if/when I comply, is followed by a "mommy go there" pointing back where I was. Compliance leads to more demands, noncompliance leads to loud screams. I have to find the exact moment in between to pick him up and cuddle (too soon or too late wont work).

The shaking camera is me trying to hold it while reading and fending off Corwyn. And sideways or out of focus sometimes for the same reason. 


Monika said...

Aias says : "Corwyn is sad"

I say: Aias does this same thing and it makes me nuts.

K J and the kids said...

So hard to control your feelings when you're little. :(
Fun that you caught it on video. He'll have something to look back on and laugh at ! ha ha