Friday, January 20, 2012

That's my boy!

Nathan was in fine form the other night, having me rumbling with laughter, none of it intentional on his part.
While in the bath, he was was playing.
"Where is my hand?" while hiding his hand under the bubbles.
"There's my hand!" bringing it back up again.
He did this a few times with feet, hands etc. Then he moved on.
"Where is my penis?"
"There's my penis!"

Ah, you make a mother proud.

And no, no nekkid kid shots here. Nathan has been working with scissors lately. We tried snowflakes. For most, I held the paper while he cut. For the last one (middle top row) he did it all himself. Not bad (and no blood). Corwyn had nothing to do with the art but couldn't pass up a chance to strike a modeling pose.


K J and the kids said...

Yip. and I swear they just get more and more enthusiastic about their penis :)

Amy said...

Mine are very into finding their penises in the bath and saying "beep beep".