Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Heros Among Us

It can be disheartening to read about the story from China where a little girl was hit by a truck and no one stepped into help. It hurts our faith in humanity. But then something like this happens and we know there are those who will help.

Last week, locally, there was a plane crash. The small commuter plane had just taken off but had to turn around fairly quickly. Unfortunately, it didn't make it to the airport and actually crashed on the road. People in the area all flocked to help. It was because of their efforts that almost everyone survived. At risk to themselves, people lined up to help pull the passengers to safety.

Unfortunately, they were not able to pull the pilot and co-pilot out. While both were rescued by emergency crew, the pilot succumbed to his burns later that night. The co-pilot remains in critical condition. The pilot is considered a hero. His actions in the time just before the plane went down likely helped to save the passengers.

You can read about the crash and see pictures here (and many other places with the magic of Internet searches).Crash Story

Like most I was horrified by the crash being so local and happy most escaped with their lives. I didn't give it more thought until I found out that Cameron, our CEO, and his wife had been in the plane. That brought it much closer to home.

I love my job. The work is great, but it's really the people that make it so wonderful. This article tells how Cameron is more than just a plane crash survivor, but is also a hero. It gives you a bit more insight into the type of people that I work with. Lorelie's Story


K J and the kids said...

What an amazing husband and man. And to do it with a broken back no less.
I'm so happy the outcome was a good one. I feel so bad for that pilots family. but how great that he saved so many with his actions.

Anonymous said...

I had read the story about your CEO in one of your FB, the whole crash was an amazing story and so many caring people makes one feel so thankful and say an extra prayer for them all.