Monday, September 26, 2011

Victory is Mine

Um, sort of.
Potty training continues and overall is going well. Nathan even managed to ask and used the toilet when we were out on Saturday (using the portable toilet seat thingy - we (I) need some practice to make sure things are where they need to be to avoid pee going everywhere).
He's 100% on the poop front. On the pee front, at home he's batting around 75%. While out, it depends on if we're in the playground or inside.
He can't pee on command yet unless he has a full bladder. By this I mean before naps or bed. He'll sit on the toilet and I can see him 'pushing' but nothing comes out. It will come with time. He's asking to use the potty when he first wakes up and manages to pee in it, although his pullup is also wet.
Tonite, when they were both just at the edge of sleep, he sat up and said 'oh no, have pee!'. So, while keeping the light off, I got his pants down and sitting on a 'porta potty'. To his credit, he peed right away. There was much rejoicing, with him and Corwyn leading the cheer. I emptied it and he wanted to sit again. Said he had to poop. Uhuh. So then Corwyn needed to sit on his potty (fully clothed of course). I kept the light off, the interaction nil. Corywn kept running from his potty to his bed and back. I would periodically ask Nathan if he was ready to go to bed. Nope.
After about a half hour of nothing, I picked him up to put him in bed, to be met with screaming "poop, I have to poop". I don't want to make the potty experience bad, I don't want him to avoid the potty, but by this point I knew damn well that he was just sleep avoiding. So I put him back on the potty (I was gentle although I really didn't want to be and I will admit that my voice went up a few volume levels). Then I walked out of the room for a few minutes to get control back. Better.
So it was back to waiting. Eventually, Corwyn gave up and went to bed to sleep. Once he was deep enough, I asked Nathan again about going to bed. Nope. So I left the room and told him to tell me when he was ready for bed. Boy did he scream at me. I would regularly ask if he was ready to go to be 'no!'. After about 15 minutes of sulking, he came out with his pants in hand. I asked if he was ready for sleep -  'yeah'. So we put on a pullup and his pants and I carried him to bed. It was less than 10 seconds from tucking him in before he fell asleep.
Victory to me!!!!! Well, not really but it feels like a bit of a breakthrough. We'll have to see what tomorrow brings.
One thing is for sure. I think I know that the term @#$# or get off the pot was coined by the mommy of a toddler during potty training.


melissa said...

It sounds like things are going wonderfully! I can definitely relate to the potty-as-bedtime-avoidance frustration, though - I wish you so very much patience as you wait for that phase to pass ;)

K J and the kids said...

Victory for sure !
So happy that things are moooving right along.

Jen said...

that's great, my almost 2.5yr old refuses! But my oldest was 2y8m before he trained! Thanks for stopping by my blog, following you on GFC.