Friday, July 8, 2011

Learning about Weather

One of the best places I've found for quality Montessori printables is The Montessori Print Shop. So far, I only have their Science CD but I expect to get more as time goes on. One of the segments on the CD is about weather. I finally got a laminator and put this together for the boys. This one also happens to currently be in the free downloads too.

When they get up the morning they check out the window to see what the weather is that day. This is Corwyn checking out the rain.

After that, they will point to the icon the best shows the weather. (He got it right on the first try.)

Next we update the chart, moving today to yesterday and putting in today's weather. I use the news to 'guess' for tomorrow. If there is a big change during the day, we can put up another icon. I used stick on velcro dots for the daily weather icons. I still need a thermometer to be able to tell the temp each day, but since they can't read yet, I'm not in a big rush.

While this doesn't seem overly complicated, it's not something the average 2 year old is given the chance to learn this way. This not only teaches them the words for the different weather and the pictures often associated with it, it gives them some more practice with the concept of the passage of time (yesterday, today, tomorrow). It's needed to learn about why we have different weather systems. It also has a big place in learning about the seasons (we're going to start with fall in, well, the fall). And it adds a bit of structure to the day.

Check out the blog at The Montessori Print Shop too. Along with information on ways to use some of their materials, they often include links to other blogs with some cool Montessori inspired ideas. They run contests fairly regularly too.

I'm not sure the next set of print outs from the CD that I will introduce. Right now, it's between Animal Stripes, Spots, or Solids and Five Senses. I think they`re ready for the early introduction to both of these. I`ll keep you posted.

I've started taking a Montessori online certificate course last month. I'll write more on that later with details of the school etc. I work full time out of need so obviously wont be homeschooling but I still think that I can help the boys succeed in life and school with as much of the best support I can provide in the time I do have with them. So far, I`m working most on prepared environment since my place is too crowded and too cluttered to be the best for learning. And as I said, more on that in a later post.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking to our website and showing your children using our weather materials.

It's lovely that you're taking the time and effort to bring Montessori to your children.

Best of luck with your online Montessori course!

P.S - Sorry about the double post! I was just trying to correct a typo and I made a mess! :o)