Thursday, June 16, 2011

The promised Video

As promised, here is the video. The boys get very little TV time in a day. Corwyn couldn't care less. He will watch 'In the Night Garden' (with a passion) but nothing else has caught his eye. Nathan on the other hand is a TV junkie and if I let him would watch it non-stop. They have only seen PBS and TreehouseTV. This is what happens if I try to change the channels.

And for those with, here is a link that has pictures took of some of the volunteers who showed up for the cleanup effort today. Now this is my city


K J and the kids said...

Awesome :) a true hockey fan ! ha ha ha

He'll love it as he gets older. It's in his blood.

Amy said...

Wow! Your living room looks exactly like ours... Same TV, same layout, same "Baby Cage" taking up all of the prime real estate! My boys just ignore the hockey in favour of their singing school bus.