Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stained Glass Art - Toddler Style

I've seen some different ways to make art that is like stained glass windows, some with glue and wax paper, some with contact paper, tissue paper for color, nature for decoration etc. I took from assorted ideas and decided to try what I thought would be easiest for us that would still be fun and produce nice results.

Supplies: contact paper, construction paper, tissue paper, glitter and some fun loving toddlers

Get some one who can handle scissors to cut out shapes from the contact paper, 2 for each 'design'. Cut out thin strips of construction paper to use to outline the shape.

Give the toddlers the tissue paper and let them go nuts tearing it apart. Encourage them to tear into small pieces, and if you can, ball some of them up.  Remember, confetti is lots of fun and they will figure out how to play with it this way too. Don't worry, it's only paper.

Once done, peel the backing off one of the contact paper designs and tape it (sticky side up) onto your work surface. You can put the outline on now or later.

Put your toddler in front of it, show him/her how it works and let them go to town (expect more confetti throwing here).

Once done, bored or the paper is all thrown around and none left in the craft area, you can add the glitter (expect more to be thrown around). 

Then you just peel the backing off the the other piece of contact paper and 'seal' your work of art. (note: if you didn't already, put the outline on now)

Tada - wonderful stained glass art pieces

I wanted to take more pictures during the process but we had so much confetti throwing that I didn't get to grab the camera. I loved this. The boys love both the process and the result. We will be doing it again for sure. I suspect by the time fall rolls around we'll also be doing nature inspired stained glass with the colored leaves that fall from the trees.

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Wani said...

This is such a cute project! I am going to use it for our kindergarten class in our homeschool group! Thanks!