Thursday, December 9, 2010

Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas– NBC Community Episode

Okay, I admit it, I'm a Christmas special junkie. I love them all, new or old. And I think I found a new favorite to add to the list.

If you haven't had a chance to watch Community yet, this weeks episode is a great one to start with. I hooked up with One2One Network and was able to watch a special preview of the episode that will be airing tonight 8p EST/7p CST (which means it will be on at 8 PST).

This episode is a stop action animation version of what is normally a live action show (think California Raisins). They did a great job converting the characters and capturing their personalities. In this episode, Abed is on a mission to find the meaning of Christmas. Yeah, yeah you say, been there done that. And yes, it's been done before and so often takes on a Christmas Carol type of approach. Not so in Community. This is a totally new and unique approach which I wont share since its part of the fun of watching.

As with many great holiday episodes of shows, this one contains singing. And surprise, surprise, most of the cast have great voices. Along with the animation and music, there are laughs and some emotional heart string tugging. Its all done while still keeping true to the humor and sarcasm that Community is known for.

I was a casual watcher of Community before, but this episode makes me want to watch it more often. Please add it to your repertoire of Christmas viewing. You wont be disappointed.

OnetoOne is also hosting a live viewing party and chat on Twitter with @one2onenetwork tonight 12/9 while watching this episode of "Community" on NBC at 8p EST/7p CST.  We'll be giving away prizing to participants during the 30 minutes on the show. 

I am a member of OnetoOne networks. This post allows me to be in a draw for prizes. This did not affect the content of my review.

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