Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Review of Coolest Kid Reviews - Smart Trike Giveaway

Smart Trike Giveaway

I was blown away when I stumbled onto this giveaway today.

The Smart Trike company found a niche and filled it. They created a series of trikes that can go from baby all the way up to free wheeling toddler without buying a new product every 6 months. How cool is that.

I saw someone pushing their little girl in one of these this weekend and I actually stopped them to talk about it and get the information; talk about timing.

And whats even better is finding Coolest Kid Reviews. I've been going back through their posts and they have some great items, some I've been curious about, some I've never heard of before. While not all their posts are giveaways and not all the giveaways are available in Canada, they are all worth checking out.

If you have babies/toddlers, enter this current giveaway. If you dont, check the website out anyway, its well worth the click.

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