Monday, July 26, 2010

Your chance to win something

I owe you all a real post on winning on the web, but for now, I'm going to add link to a blog I read where they do a weekly round up of anyone who wants to add their giveaway.

Deal Seeking Mom Link

I don't enter every giveaway, even those available in Canada (which are much fewer). I don't think there are enough hours in the day. Plus, I only enter those that I can use the prize (if it's kids clothes/shoes use within the next year). That's my personal thing. One reason is that I dont have the room. The other is that I think of it as a bit of a karma thing. Someone out there needs that item now and while I could use it as a gift, I don't really 'need' it right now.

So far, I've won 2 fabulous prizes. I've also found reviews on some amazing products and added a few favorites to the list of sites I would like to buy from. I even found one place that offers a twin discount.

Check out the link above, then check however many giveaways you want to enter. Let me know if you win anything.

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Acting Balanced Mom said...

I have to say that I'm pretty picky about entering giveaways too... If I really want it, I'll go through the hoops, but I have to really want/need the product... you could spend way too much time just surfing the giveaways... I've won 3-4 things that I've entered and I do giveaways on my blog too...

thanks for stopping by and commenting on the Shutterfly giveaway!