Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eye Candy

A few recent pictures to get you started off.
"He did it."

Contemplating Stick
Eating Stick

Bad news. I'm almost back up to my pre-pregnancy weight. I know, for most people this is a good thing, but not me. I wasn't at my highest when I got pregnant with the boys, but I wasn't that far off. Because I had no cravings for fried, salty or sweet food while I was pregnant, I ate for the sake of eating. I gained about 25 lbs total and at birth lost about 45. I admit some of that was blood loss and came back fairly quickly. But the rest, well, I've put it back on over the last year by eating stuff I shouldn't far too often. I made sure I kept little to no junk at home, but there were lots of outings with other mommies that included coffee shops and sweets.
Now that I'm back at work, I'm hoping to start to get back on track. Of course, my office is right next to the kitchen which doesn't help. I smell food wafting out every time someone opens the door. Along with the vending machine, I work downtown and everything is close by. Sigh. Will power it is. My first week back, I know I ate non-stop. It was all nerves and stress from leaving the boys. I've got that a bit better under control.
But, I'm exercising less now that I'm working.  Yeah, there is the work walk, but I used to walk so much more every day, and that was pushing a stroller with fairly hefty twins in it, add the lifting and playing and I was getting a pretty good workout. I will have to break out the wii fit to play in the evening when the boys are sleeping. Sigh.
I'll keep you posted on how it goes.


Dora said...

They are so adorable!

I hear you on the weight thing. I initially lost a lot nursing. (Haven't weighed myself, just going by how things fit.) Then I went back to work and was pumping, so still doing okay, even though I've been eating so badly. Now I'm not pumping at work and just nursing at home, so the weight is creeping up again.

I read that sleep deprivation makes it hard to lose weight. Something about how a sleep deprived brain doesn't register when you're full. I also think there's the urge to eat in the hope that it will boost your energy.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! They are so precious!! I can't believe that they are about to be ONE YEAR OLD!! The time is just flying by!!! You're an amazing mom!! I think of you often when I feel a "little" overwhelmed i.e. getting the stroller etc. out. I think of how awesome you are and suck it up!! LOL!! You are truly an inspiration!!

I was amazed at how fast my weight came off at first but now that BF didn't work out, the weight is creeping up on me too... Hang in there!! You are the most self disciplined person I know!!

xoxo- Malinda