Friday, March 12, 2010

Olympics and Paralympics

Not sure if you know, but I live in Vancouver, host city for the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.
The boys and I had a blast during the Olympics. We went to the free events that were within walking distance (transit with a stroller during this time wouldnt work). I watched sports on TV that I had never even heard of. I sat on the edge of my seat, barely breathing during the Gold Medal hockey game. I love my city, have since I moved here almost 13 years ago, but those couple of weeks had me falling for it all over again. It was a huge let down when the games ended and life went back to normal.

The Paralympics started today. The pomp isn't as big as it was for the Olympics but it's still a great celebration. We are going to watch the sports on TV and cheer loudly. I'm going to head downtown again more than once to check things out and smile and say hi to everyone we pass. Hopefully the lineups will be smaller (yes, we stood in line for over 6 hours to see/touch the medals)

I took pictures, lots and lots of pictures. For those who know me on facebook, you've probably seen them. I'll post a few here. The boys got these great Canada hockey jerseys as shower gifts. They wore then over their sweaters most days (the jerseys are size 2). I had people stop me on the street to take their pictures. So much fun.

We even went to a rally to 'free MukMuk' the mascot who isnt quite a mascot. We got our names in the paper and you can see a cameo of Corwyn during this news clip.

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K J and the kids said...

Ok so I wanted to comment on how great it is that you can go to the olympic events...but really. HOW AWESOME are you for taking 2 little babies to the olympic events.
Dang girl ! Your talents never cease to amaze.