Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Multi-versaries

This is a time for me that is so wonderful and so emotional. Its the anniversary of the key moments that eventually became my wonderful boys. I've been aware and celebrated each day as it came, always smiling, sometimes crying (tears of joy of course).
The first was the cycle start. This was followed by the flight to CZ. And the very exciting ER and fertility report. Of course one of the greatest moments was the embryo transfer. This was done on Thanksgiving Day (Canadian). I picked that day for a reason. I'll always remember it.
The mini-versaries are going to continue with first + HPT, first US etc and of course ending the in the boys first birthday in May. I am so happy and so lucky.


K J and the kids said...

I just can't get enough of those boys. They are so delicious.
I can see some slight differences, but they sure do look alike.

Shaunene said...

I know that I have not been around very much for Bert and Ernie and you but I hope to remedy that when I get back from Ireland. I would like to dib Christmas with the boys and you at my house. Of course we may have the rest of the gang or we may have to hold it christmas eve... Aunty Shaun

Anonymous said...

Hi Selmada, would you share your experience in Czech and the clinic?