Saturday, July 4, 2009

They grew

Nathan (baby A)
Born 9:01 May 27th at 35w1d - 9 on Apgar
Weight 2895g; 6.4lbs
Length 51cm; 20 inches
Came home from NICU on June 16 - weight 2930g

June 25
Weight 3420g; 7.5 lbs 50-75th percentile
Length 52.8cm; 20.8 inches 90th percentile

Corwyn (baby B)
Born 9:02 May 27th at 35w1d - 9 on Apgar
Weight 2340g; 5.15lbs
Length 47cm; 18.5 inches
Transfer to high lvl NICU May 28th
Came home from NICU on June 5 - weight 2302g

June 25
Weight 3210g; 7.1lbs 50th percentile
Length 51.2cm; 20 inches 75-90th percentile

They are going to be very tall boys if they keep this up! They were officially due on June 30th. So they now have an age and an adjusted age. I think their 'skills' development fits somewhere between the two. Their next Ped appointment is on the 13th.

Both are doing great. Corwyn "looks" like a premie for his head shape, although his attitude and growth dont show it. Nathan looks like a term newborn (always has).

They went for their sweat test to test for cystic fibrosis, actually we went twice. Corwyn had enough sweat the first time, but Nathan had to go back again for a second try. I find out the results when we go to the CF clinic on the 15th. I was reading about CF in What to Expect. Here's the highlight as it relates to CF with bowel issues (as opposed to breathing) "with digesgtive system invovelment, mucus secretions may make first bowel movements after birth difficult to pass, causing intestinal obstruction". Fits with what was going on. We'll see what they say. I cant do anything about it right now no matter what the results are so I'll just enjoy being a mom and deal with whatever comes this way next.

Corwyn has developed some dry skin on the top of his head. Anywhere he's gotten it, his hair has fallen out. So he's now bald on top. Doctor didnt seem concerned , but I'm watching it.

I'm getting sleep, now and again, in between feeding, pumping, rocking etc.

I have always 'subscribed' to the concept of Attachment Parenting. I'm doing "ok" with it right now, not perfect, but okay. Not for lack of trying though, so I'm not beating myself up over it.

Co-sleeping is going well. I think we all like it. Right now, I use a close and secure for the babe who sleeps furthers from me (they trade places) and the other boy will sleep between it and me. This way, I'm not worried about someone rolling too far away or off the bed. I'll need to get a railing soon.

I still dont have a full milk supply. So they get some nursing, some pumped milk via bottle and some premie formula. I'm still trying to increase my supply and following every suggestion for doing it, no matter how far fetched. I'll take more ideas. I now feed them both at the same time, no matter the source of the food. This has given me back some time for sleep, pumping etc and also relieves the guilt if while feeding one, the other was crying. So for breast feeding, I have an A for effort, but a C for how its going.

No cry-it-out. I'm doing well with this too. I really dont like hearing them cry and find it quite natural to do anything necessary to stop it. The only time I cant help is if I'm indisposed (say Nathan starts crying hard while I'm bathing Corwyn). It makes me feel bad, but I know I cant do anything about it. They dont cry often anyway, so I count myself lucky.

Babywearing is another I wish I was doing better at, although not for lack of trying. Its harder with twins anyway, there arent many carriers that work with two, or at least with two newborns. I have a moby and a baby budda. I like both, but its way, way to hot for them to be in right now. I was using the baby bjorn a friend gave me, but today splurged for a Becco Butterfly 2. Wow, what a great carrier. I can only carry one with it, but its better for whichever one and much better on my back. As they grow, I have more options, like one on front, one on back or on both hips. So for now, its one at a time unless the temperature goes way down. (Oh, baby wearing is supposed to help increase your milk supply)

So thats it for now for an update. Next post will have some more pictures.


The Nanny said...

You sound like such an amazing mom!!! :) I'm so glad the boys are doing well!!!

(Oh, and will you tell us what their middle names are?)

K J and the kids said...

I know how busy you are and how crazy life is for you....but I can't stand it when you don't post pictures. I love looking at those beautiful boys.

Sounds like you are doing AMAZING. I don't know how you are doing it by yourself.

The only thing I can suggest is....domperidone. If you want to know how to get it me. It's the greatest invention EVER ! It's the only reason I was able to breastfeed the first set and 100% the second set.

Anonymous said...

Be good to yourself!! You've dealt with A LOT!! I think you are doing a tremendous job!

Sounds like Corwyn has some cradle cap. Nothing to be concerned about. Many babies get it. It's always sad to see all that beautiful hair fall out and then those precious little babies end up looking like Archie Bunker! But it'll grow back nicely!

Hoping little Nathan's test will show a nice healthy little boy.

I'm not a big fan of the "cry it out method" either. I also don't believe in picking them up every time they cry but what you're doing is right on. It's okay to cry for a little bit. It will make your life MUCH easier if they can learn some form of self soothing until you can get to them. Plus, perhaps a little crying will aide in getting all your milk in! :)

You're doing great mom! Stay strong and keep up the good work!!! Lots of prayers!


Jojobee said...

Great to see things are going well...

As far as the bm goes... SOunds like the same thing's happening to you as it did to me. I first felt really guilty that I had to give them some formula because I couldn't make enough for both, but still to this day, I don't make what they need. I'm able to pump through out the day and give them each 1 full bottle of 6oz each for 1 feeding, the rest is formula. I still nurse at times too, but then have to give formula after. A drop of bm is better than 0, just remember you're doing great and it's not your fault! I am taking 4 tablets of fenugreek 3x/day to keep up my little supply, try that, it might work. I tried the prescription stuff, but it increased for 3 days, then decreased again. Try the fenugreek though.

Their growth is great too! Wow, they are growing! Just wait until about month 3, they won't look like your little beans and you'll be kinda sad they're growing so quick! It's amazing though!

As far as cio (cry it out), they're still too young! Mine are almost 4 months, and I don't really let them cio either! I think you're supposed to start around month 5 if they doin't have good sleeping habits by then!

Hope to see some more pics soon! Glad you're doing great!