Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Truth in Advertising

I saw these shirts and almost started crying. I had to have them. The words say it all.

In 7-8 months I'm hoping to be able to pass them onto two different IVF friends with well deserved recent BFPs.

The boys had their most recent appointment. The doctor and I dont think they are fraternal. They look a heck of a lot alike, but not identical. Nathan is 12 lbs 15oz and Corwyn is 11 lbs 13oz. Growing boys. They had their first set of shots. They took them better than I did.

I get lots of questions in person and online about how I handle it. I dont know how, I just do. Its not always easy, but its worth it. They are sleeping well at night now, which helps. Corwyn will sleep up to 11 hours without a break. Nathan gets up once at 6-7 hours for a feed. I get most done after 8pm. Meals are whenever I can, and normally sandwiches, eaten very fast. I dont want to put something on the stove, to get called away and have it burn when I forget it. So I cook after they go to bed, if at all. I eat out now and again, so that helps, but since money is tight, I have to budget that.
I almost always have at least one boy on my lap or in my arms (like now). The hard time is when they are crying or fussing and I cant figure out why, or cant help (gas). I have kept up with the laundry. Its okay to leave a load in the washer for a few hours or in the dryer overnight. I dont iron and am more of a stuff in drawer than fold person (always have been). I'm past the disposable dishes, so its a bit more work to keep up with the dishes. Its not bad though (see previous comment on diet of sandwiches). I sweep the floor about once a week, and its long overdue for a good wash and polish.
Things are piled up, but they were before. I've started to sell the odd collectable, but since that means a trip to the post office, I'm pacing those too.
Thats about it for now. I'm sure I'm missing something. Oh, I'll tell you about the "village" that loves the boys another day. Or maybe I did. I'll have to go back and look.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pride Weekend - Day 1

Today we ventured onto the skytrain (like a monorail) for the first time. The boys took it like anything else and slept through it. Corwyn was in the single stroller I use for transit and Nathan in the carrier.

It was another scortcher of a day locally. But we wanted to check out the dyke march. We even met up at the end with a woman and her partner from my twin group with their 3 week old b/g twins. They looked so tiny, but were actually a bit bigger than my boys had been at that age!

The boys got into the day, waving their flags (okay, clutching them, but it looks cute). Tomorrow is the Pride Parade. It takes forever so we'll watch a bit then head down to the picnic/booth site at the end.